Course Information


for Funeral Director Cert Department

Funeral Service Management (112FS)


A study of funeral home management. Credit 2 hours

Introduction to Funeral Directing (114FD)


An introduction to the field of funeral service including history, licensure requirements, computer literacy and the imlementation, planning and directing of the funeral. Credit 4 hours

Funeral Service Science (114FS)


An integration of personal and community health as it relates to public health concerns, the nature of diseases, pathological and mortuary science considerations. Credit 4 hours

F.S. Law and Ethics (114FS)


Comprehensive Review (121CR)


A review of the courses covered by the State Board Examination. Satisfactory completion of exams in each subject area as well as a overall score of 80% on the Arts Comprehensive Exam and completion of the Arts Practice National Board Exam. Credit 1 hour

Funeral Service Marketing (122FS)


A study of funeral home marketing and merchandising. Credit 2 hours

Funeral Service Counseling (123FS)


The role of counseling in the field of funeral service. Credit 3 hours

Laws and Ethics (124FS)


A study of the legal, regulatory, and ethical considerations of the law as it pertained to business and funeral service including contracts, sales, property, partnerships, trusts and regulations. Credit 4 hours

F.S. Science (124FS)


Funeral Service (2541FS)


An externship providing the opportunity for an overview and participation in funeral service practice under the direction of a licensed preceptor in an assigned funeral home. Prerequisite: By permission of the director of Funeral Services Education. Credit 1 hour

Transfer Funeral Servcie Practicum for FDC program (2541FSTran)


FDC Orientation (FD100)